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  • 5 Hill Street, Kitchener ON
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We provide home heating fuel and home comfort solutions. As your local experts, we provide safe, clean and environmentally responsible home heating solutions for you, our customers.
Serve your fuel tank equipment needs efficiently with our in-house equipment supplies. We provide various configurations of onsite fuel tank equipment and have a full line of tank equipment and accessories.
Unlike many of our competitors that have to rely on fuel terminals owned by major oil companies, Transit Petroleum maintains its own storage in Kitchener. To ensure continuous operations, the entire facility is backed up by emergency generators.
We offer competitive pricing on wholesale volumes for customers with their own large tanks. The services include: vendor-managed inventory, freight and logistics, and minor maintenance assistance.
With flexible coverage, our direct-to-tank and direct-to-equipment delivered fuel options make fuelling fleets across various industries easier than ever. Our certified drivers work day and night to deliver fuel based on your schedule.
Transit Petroleum proudly offers seven commercial cardlock stations throughout Southwestern Ontario. With fast pumps and secure cards, get the competitive pricing of a quick and convenient fuelling program you've been waiting for.
We can't control the weather, but we can control the schedule, costs, quality and safety.